Yoga Micro Movements

Yoga Micro Movements

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Course by Dr. Francoise Freedman PhD, Founder Birthlight
18th, 19th, 20th August 2017

Birthlight maternity yoga distils Francoise Freedman’s life long development of simple and effective body based practices to enhance women’s experience of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum.

Extensive anatomy and research is presented in a direct way with priority given to embodied knowledge.

Designed with a midwife this acclaimed course equips midwives and maternity professionals with knowledge and skills that empowers women and couples to be at ease and approach birth with calm confidence.

Birthlight Yoga is accessible to all women, regardless of their state of fitness, through original sets of flow sequences, chair yoga, micro-movements of the pelvis, and steps to deepen breathing and relaxation practices to facilitate the intrapartum and the postpartum.

Birthlight has a double meaning. Giving birth without strain and anxiety, and bringing to birth a spiritual dimension of awareness “light” offering an understanding of the true magnificence of Birth.

Birthlight  maternity yoga has been accredited by the RCMA for 10 years and has gained points for midwives worldwide including Australia and New Zealand.

Birthlight yoga has proved effective in various countries with women from many different backgrounds. With non-verbal communication skills crossing language and cultural barriers with compassionate care.

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