Visualisation and Self Hypnosis for Birth

Visualisation and Self Hypnosis for Birth


Course by Dr. Gowri Motha, Founder Gentle Birth Method

Teach the principles of self hypnosis and the value of visualisation to soften the impact of labour and the birthing process.

Use of detailed anatomical imagery during visualisation to describe the birthing process to educate and remove fear of birth.

Pre-condition “Endorphin” release for physical comfort during birthing.

Teach management of contractions/surges with breathing and visualisation techniques.

Acknowledging the baby in the womb as a sentient human being and encourage the baby to present in the optimal fetal position for birth.

Precondition mothers for birth with a hypnotic birth rehearsal.

Help mothers to know that they can be emotionally in control of their feelings during the whole birthing process.

Practical training

Hands-on training in the group

How to set up and teach a self hypnosis and visualisation course for pregnant mothers and partners as birth preparation

Original scripts by Dr. Gowri Motha are given to each participant.